Back to school

Benjamin Weber, director of the Hertha academy, is part of the inaugural class of students in the DFB and DFL's 'Professional football management' course.

Fresh from the academy kitchen: Grilled Watermelon

As winter approaches, Jens Wegner, Hertha BSC's football academy chef, has a new recipe that will allow you to cling onto that summer feeling a little longer.

Comprehensive medical care at HerthaMED

Physiotherapists Laura Schulz and Anne Kaube care for Hertha’s youth sides.

“Competitive games are irreplaceable!”

In an interview, Hertha's U17 fitness coach Marc Ritter spoke about a seemingly never-ending pre-season, new challenges and new priorities.

Football injuries part 5

A cruciate ligament injury is often a shock diagnosis, and usually means half a season out. Hertha physio Michael Becker explains what causes the injury and what can be done to treat it.

Interview: “No one can turn a plough horse into a race horse”

Fitness coach Günter Kern on his first weeks at Hertha BSC, the challenges brought about by the Coronavirus pause and the difficulties of planning pre-season.

Champions without the celebrations

Hertha's U17s are Bundesliga Nord/Nordost champions.

Football injuries pt. 4

A fractured tibia is a football player’s worst nightmare. Hertha physios Michael Becker and Frederik Syna explain what this injury can mean for a player.

New recipe from our academy chef: Gazpacho

Hertha BSC academy chef Jens Wegner brings you another of his most delicious recipes.

The best medical care with HerthaMED

Hertha's academy players have been receiving top-class treatment at the Olympic Park for the past 156 days.

Bismark finishes in the top four

The 'Mach dich Hertha Online Cup' took place on Thursday night. Hertha eSports athlete Tom Bismark narrowly missed out on the final.

Preparing for competition like Tom Bismark

The eHerthaner is putting himself through intense preparations ahead of the 'Mach dich Hertha Online Cup.'

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Hertha reinforces eSports team with local fans

Lifelong Herthaner Leroy Richter and Christoph Strietzel will strenghten the Hertha BSC eSports Academy ahead of the new season.

Register now for the Mach’ Dich Hertha online cup

Hertha BSC's eSports Academy and the club's health partner AOK Nordost are organising an online cup for 6th August 2020. Register now to take part.

Run like Vladimir Darida

Not just the best runner in Hertha, but the best in the league. What is Vladimir Darida's secret?

Football injuries pt. 3

Injuries can happen in the blink of an eye with just one wrong move. consulted with Hertha's physiotherapists to find out which injuries are most common among football players. Today, we're taking a look at syndesmosis ligament injuries. What are they and where is the syndesmosis ligament even located? Our experts explain it all.

U9 to U12 coaching staff named for coming season

The Hertha BSC Fußball-Akademie have cleared up all the unanswered questions surrounding personnel, and in doing so, have completed their planning for the 2020/21 season.

'Moving Break' underway

Sport, games and fun in the playground - the campaign to get Berlin's kids moving during the corona pandemic kicked off last Friday (05/06/20).

Academy coaching staffs set

The Hertha BSC academy has announced its coaching staffs for the upcoming season. Pál Dárdai and Admir Hamzagić return, while Sofian Chahed takes charge of the U15s.

Two years ago: U19s become champions of Germany!

On May 27 2018, Hertha's U19s won the German A-Junior Championship for the first time in the club's history. We're taking a lot at that memorable day.

Q&A on the Live-Workouts

Hertha's U17-Athletics trainer Marc Ritter answers your questions from the live workouts recently posted on Instagram.

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Simple and Tasty: Pumpkin Gnocchi

Jens Wegner, Hertha's Academy cook is back with another tasty recipe for you.

Keep fit virtually!

The Hertha BSC Academy is offering a virtual workout service during the Corona crisis in order to keep people fit from home.

Football injuries part 2

It can happen just like that. One wrong move and there it is: an injury. has asked the club physios to tell us what the most common injuries are in football. Ankle injuries happen all the time in football. However, this diagnosis plays down the severity of the injury. Hertha BSC physio Frederick Syna explains what he does when a player twists something on the pitch.

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Hertha BSC victorious at AOK Traditionsmaster

It was a thrilling tournament that ended in victory for the Blue-Whites.

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New Years’ resolution: Overcome your bad habits

New year, new plans: Shortly after the turn of the year, our players are back on the training ground and giving their all to achieve sporting success. Here you can find out all the tips and tricks you can learn from the team.

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Prevention in the Hertha academy

New year, new resolutions: At Hertha BSC football academy, prevention plays a role equally as important as football does. Dr. Alberto Schek leads the medical protection of the youth team and tells us what prevention consists of.

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Baking at Hertha: eSports cookies

Christmas Eve is approaching and the sweet temptations are all around us. Mach dich Hertha shows you how to feast with a clear conscience.

Here’s how to defend against cold and flu season

The change of seasons also marks the start of cold and flu season. Shifting temperatures and cold winds cause our immune system to kick into overdrive. Adding some key foods into your diet can help ward off these nasty flu bugs. Semra Köksal, a nutritionist and healthy lifestyle advisor at AOK Nordost, recommends the following foods to help defend against the flu.

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AOK Home game review

Hertha faced BVB last weekend and the team needed a response to their recent run of poor results. We wanted to know what percentage of tackles you thought Hertha would win.

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Movember – this is how sport can help fight cancer!

Prostate cancer is the third most deadly form of cancer, after lung and colon cancer. Every year, 58,000 new diagnoses are made, and this number is increasing.

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Does sport help fight cancer?

The fact that exercise and sport are healthy is well known. But can sport really contribute to the fight against cancer?

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Blue and white delicacies: Eat like Hertha

Blue and white delicacies: Our stars share their favourite recipes in the 'Eat like Hertha' cookbook.

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Growing a moustache for a good cause

Why are Leckie, Selke und Rekik growing out their facial hair in November?

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Academy-cook whips up some fitness food

The Hertha BSC Football Academy takes a holistic approach to the training of its junior players. The Hertha BSC football academy chef plays a special role in this respect. Mach’ dich Hertha visited him in the AOK kitchen.

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Train you to be Hertha!

The Hertha BSC football academy has produced many footballing talents over the years. Find out what different aspects of youth training lay the foundations for a successful professional career.

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Pumpkin makes you fit: Pumpkin Soup

Orange is the colour of autumn: warmth, colourful leaves and of course pumpkins in all shapes and sizes. Just before Halloween we want to share our favourite pumpkin soup recipe with you.

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[Translate to English:] Auflösung AOK-Heimspiel-Check: Der Einwurf

[Translate to English:] Komplexer als gedacht: Der Einwurf ist eine Routinebewegung im Fußball, die jedoch mehr vom Körper verlangt, als auf den ersten Blick zu vermuten ist.

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FIFA 20 Demo review: Five tips from our eSport captain

Hertha BSC eSports captain Elias tells you what to expect from the new edition and how you can improve.

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Hertha cooks: regional and seasonal

Sprinkle some colour on to your autumn plate!

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Run Hertha!

Football is a running sport. Marko Grujic clocked over 11 kilometres in the home game against Wolfsburg. Would you like to be as fit as him? Then check out long-distance European champion Jan Fitschen’s running tips.

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You can’t get much more relaxed than Zecke Neuendorf. He reveals his tips to stay cool under pressure.



Tasty food makes everyone’s lives more fun and happier. Presenting our summer delight: the Hertha Bowl

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Hertha BSC’s eSports captain isn’t just a powerhouse on the console, he also pumps iron in the gym on a near-daily basis.

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Colorful and healthy: Part 1 - The striker

Not only does it give you a healthy vitamin boost between meals, but it’s also nice and healthy.


A workout a day keeps the doctor away – that’s the motto of eSports’ very own ‘Hulk’ Elias anyway.

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Colorful and healthy: Part 2 - The goalkeeper

Green is good for you – everyone knows that. This spinach smoothie really packs in the vitamins, while also promoting muscle growth.

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Colorful and healthy: Part 3 - The Midfielder

An exotic, orange wonderland of pure refreshment. Turmeric powder doesn’t make it into most drinks…

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Yoga, breathing techniques, meditation – what are the actual benefits of doing them? Our eSports athletes were surprised at just how


How much pressure is good for you?

Taking on FC Bayern in the very first game of the season? For the Hertha’s it’s simply a case of ‘relax, take it easy’.

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Relaxation expert Daniela Draeger reveals why many yoga exercises are such stress-killers.