Ambition and enjoyment

After drawing a foul from his marker in the 56th minute of Hertha’s first preseason friendly, Ruwen Werthmüller didn’t hesitate. Despite sharing the pitch with plenty of capable attackers, the 20-year-old confidently took the ball and blasted it coldly into the net. It was a shining example of how the boy from Berlin is approaching this training camp in Neuruppin: with a clear plan and plenty of purpose. “I came to Hertha as an eight-year-old and now it’s my first training camp with the senior squad – that is truly amazing and I can hardly put it into words. I’m becoming more and more involved with the first team and I feel like I’m slowly getting started,” said the attacker on Sunday.

Goalfest in friendly opener

The Switzerland youth international has found the perfect formula to achieve his goals. Ambition and enjoyment are the keys to success for Werthmüller: “I want to drain the tank and latch onto the first team squad. You can never lose that joy of playing football. I want to win – when I win, I have fun.” In the first game of pre-season against SV Schwarz-Rot Neustadt, Werthmüller got his first taste of how it feels to play with the blue and white flag on his chest. The right-footer bagged a second goal to go with his strike from the spot, showing his nose for goal right away in preseason. “I’ve had a good start to preseason so far. The goals have definitely given me confidence for the games to come. So far it’s gone just as I’d imagined,” said the attacker, who signed his first professional deal with the Old Lady in February 2021.

Hard work and a good atmosphere

The successful start to camp should be just the beginning for Werthmüller in the senior side. In Brandenburg, our number 36 is currently laying the groundwork for his future. “My muscles are already feeling the strain; I have heavy legs each morning. Everyone has to make sure that they recover well – and then it’s just about getting through it.” With two sessions on the programme each day, there’s hardly any time left for the players to enjoy themselves. Yet the youngster has found his feet not only in sporting terms, but on a personal level too. “Every player is open and friendly, I get on well with them all. Jonas Michelbrink and I do stuff with Santiago Ascacíbar quite often, he’s just a great guy. There’s a good atmosphere around the team in general.”

The returning Prince Boateng has done his bit to contribute to the good mood around camp. Werthmüller enjoys a special relationship with the new signing: “It’s just great. I grew up on the border between Prenzlauer Berg and Wedding; Prince was always a huge role model for me since he comes from Wedding too. I always used to drive past pictures of him on the walls and now we’re sharing a pitch!” As well as taking part in camp and wearing the Hertha shirt for the first time, playing alongside Boateng is another sign that Werthmüller is coming ever closer to fulfilling his dreams. “You earn the older players’ respect through good performances. As a young guy I have to prove myself and show that I will go again every single day,” says the striker, before bidding farewell and heading off for afternoon training.