Preparing for competition like Tom Bismark

The countdown is on! A week today on Thursday, 6th August (19:00 CEST) the ‘Mach’ dich Hertha Online Cup’ kicks off. Within just a few hours, the 128 spots were filled up by ambitious gamers. Among those include Tom Bismark, who will be flying the flag for the Hertha BSC eSports Academy. To show just how seriously the 18-year-old is taking this FIFA 20 tournament, we take a look at his weekly schedule building up to the event. 

As well as the purely sporting preparations on the console, the young esports player also focuses on back therapy training, nutrition and mental training. On average, adults spend nine hours of the day sat on chairs, cushions or sofas – some up to 15 hours. Particularly right now with people mostly working from home, this average has increased even more, which makes good posture even more important. So many people sit incorrectly, which can lead to health problems, such as back pain, tight shoulders and neck, and even headaches. 
Back therapy to prevent back pain

To avoid tension, since esports players spent a lot of time sitting down, Bismark has integrated stretching and mobility exercises into his routine. Neck and shoulder stretches and thoracic spine mobility exercises are priority areas. As well as these exercises, he also makes sure, during especially long sessions, to stand up regularly and stretch his legs, which helps to prevent circulation issues. "I feel physically great thanks to these exercises. By doing them I can focus completely on the game without having any worries about back problems. It feels good," Bismark explains. 

In addition to focusing on posture, the eHerthaner has been hard at work in the kitchen to serve up some healthy meals. Quick preparation and vitamin rich ingredients are the two most important aspects for Bismark. Wholemeal bread with beetroot humus and avocado, caramelized goats’ cheese with a pear and walnut salad, salmon filet with leek and carrots, or small, sweet energy balls with dates are among just a few of the healthy options. "I place a lot of importance on having a healthy, balanced diet. Looking ahead to the 'Mach dich Hertha Online Cup' I have been trying out even more things in the kitchen. It was a lot of fun, very healthy and of course tasty," he tells with a grin.

"Ideally win the cup."

The remaining days until the showdown will be spent doing some virtual training with the help of some online fitness courses. Especially now due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, traditional fitness classes have expanded into the digital space so they can be accessed from the comfort of home. As well as back therapy and a healthy diet, Tom Bismark is also taking advantage of such online courses with a Total Body Workout. This diverse and multi-faceted preparation comes to a close this coming Thursday when the ‘Mach dich Hertha Online Cup’ begins. Bismark’s motivation for such a such rigorous regime in preparation for the event couldn’t be clearer: "I want to go as deep as possible in the tournament and, ideally, win the cup. I have been working hard towards that in the last few days and weeks!" How does the saying go? Good preparation is only half the work.