FIFA 20 Demo review: Five tips from our eSport captain

The FIFA 20 Demo has been out since September 10th, but we really get going on 27th September.  Our eSportsman Elias has taken a look at what to expect and here are his tips for making the most of the new FIFA Ultimate Team Season.

Tip 1: Play a lot of FUT-Draft to start with

So you can get to know the players and the game. In addition, you understand which formations suit players and which don’t.

Tip 1: If possible invest a little money

I would invest about 50 Euros but I wouldn’t spend it on packs - play draft all the time instead.

Tip 3: Find a training partner

Find a partner who is playing at your level and train together.

Tip 4: Watch YouTube tutorials from people who play eSports

Here you can often get really good tips on formations as well as individual tactics and instructions which many others take for granted.

Tip 5: Look at player reviews

You can find good player reviews on YouTube - check them out before you buy a player.