Football injuries pt. 3

A syndesmosis ligament tear is one of the most common injuries for football players. But, what exactly is it? 

The syndesmosis ligament connects the tibia and the fibula, and is susceptible to tears which cause the tibia and fibula to drift apart. This injury can present itself in different ways. If the ligament tears off a bone fragment, then it can be reattached. Sometimes, it is replaced with a spring. However, the ankle joint is only able to move properly when there is a connection between the tibia and fibula, which it is only able to do through the syndesmosis ligament. 

How long does it take for a player to recover from a syndesmosis ligament tear? 

In the event of a complete ligament tear, the player will have to undergo surgery. It will take about 12 weeks before they are back to full fitness. However, players often feel a bit hesitant to return to full intensity straight away, something that is common with ligament injuries. 

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