Football injuries pt. 4

A fractured tibia is a football player’s worst nightmare. Hertha physios Michael Becker and Frederik Syna explain what this injury can mean for a player.

What makes a fractured tibia so terrible?
When such a complex injury occurs, like a fractured tibia or fibula or a syndesmosis injury, it is the worst possible thing for a player to go through. It can even end careers – not necessarily though, as with good care and the right rehabilitation, the player could potentially return to the pitch. Leg breaks are caused by contact out on the pitch, so there’s not a lot we can do to prevent them. We just have to care for the injury if it happens and try to ensure that it heals successfully. Immediate first aid is the most important thing.

How long would an injury like this keep a player sidelined?
It’s difficult to say - my best guess would be at least a year. You also have to consider that such a severe contact injury can do mental damage as well as physical damage. So the lay-off lasts until the player trusts their body again. After an inury like this, the player must have the courage to go into challenges again.

Treatment and rehabilitation

Health services can support you with rehabilition facilities to prevent long-term damage. Get more information here.­­