Growing a moustache for a good cause

As soon as November begins, men start growing out their facial hair. This is a phenomenon called Movember, which is made up of the words ‘moustache’ and ‘November’.

There’s a serious topic behind the funny moustaches though - men's health. The Movember Foundation is a charity dedicated to drawing attention to men's health with the help of the fashionable moustache. Above all they aim to spread one simple fact: many men die too young.

On average, men die six years earlier than women - all over the world. In addition, three-quarters of all suicides are committed by men. According to the WHO, that’s 510,000 annually, which suggests men have much poorer mental health.

Over 5 million mustaches

Two rapidly growing cancers also solely affect men: prostate and testicular cancer. According to the Movember Foundation, the number of people with these diseases is expected to increase to 1.7 million cases by 2030 – double that of today. This year 70,000 men will fall ill in Germany, almost the capacity of the Olympiastadion.

Despite these worrying numbers, there is little worldwide attention to the specificity of men's health and special needs. The Movember Foundation wants to change that by using this craze to spread awareness. Healthcare providers should be aware of the problem and change something so that the health of men can be sustainably influenced and improved.

And it seems to be working: Since the first Movember 2003, during which 30 men grew out their moustaches, the outreach has grown rapidly to over 5 million. Meanwhile, more than 1,250 other projects for improved male health around the world have been implemented. We as Herthaner also participate in this education campaign, and you can read more about it here in the coming weeks.