Hertha BSC and AOK Nordost launch innovative health series

AOK Nordost and Hertha BSC are launching a new format for corporate health promotion, featuring exclusive videos, activities and events. The focus will be on the health of company teams and creating a successful company health management environment, while bringing proven core values from the sporting world to a corporate setting. 

Stress management in professional sport and in businesses? 

The three-part series will begin with the topic of 'Stress management and recovery – the keys to performance.' The new format will cover current topics such as performance and work ability as well as the promotion of a healthy lifestyle, which can help support and move companies. AOK Nordost offer a wide-ranging spectrum of programming focused on workplace health promotion, suitable for businesses of any size, whether on the go or at home. Participants will also be asked to evaluate the series in order to further develop targeted and effective corporate health measures. .

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