Keep fit virtually!

Hour long sessions in the gym, extensive running sessions with friends and getting your body in shape with a variety of sports activities for the summer. It’s difficult to get done at the moment  due to the corona pandemic and the social distancing restrictions. So all sports enthusiasts have had to come up with something in the past few weeks in order to at least keep themselves moving. The Hertha BSC Football Academy did the same: with the #AkademieChallenge, which has been running daily on their Twitter and Instagram channels for seven weeks now with live workouts. The ‘Kids’ offer their followers a wide range of activities to stay fit - not face to face, but virtually through the camera.


"At the beginning it was very unfamiliar, because I am usually very close to the person and I get to have the players right in front of me. In this new, virtual format, I only speak to the camera - and I had to get used to it at first. But now I think it's a very cool thing," said Marc Ritter, rehabilitation and athletics trainer for the U17s. Even if it is easier for a fitness trainer to be in direct contact with his players in order to make corrections when performing exercises, it is of great importance for the 35-year-old that he at least gets to do something with people. "In spite of the social distancing restrictions, we can still reach people and I can help people to do exercises that don’t require any equipment," explained Ritter, who has been at the club since 2018. "There are so many ways to keep fit at home," underlined the athletics coach, who will be conducting another live session next Thursday (14/05/20) at 19:00 CEST. Be there!