'Moving Break' underway

Berlin – Children and young people are particularly affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Although schools have been reopened, there are no PE lessons. As a result, the senate department for education, youth and family, the State Sports Federation of Berlin and Berlin’s professional teams have started a new initiative called ‘Moving Break’. The cooperation programme including ‘Schule und Sportverein/-verband’ and ‘Profivereine machen Schule’ offers exercise, games and sport during the break. The State Sports Federation is supporting these offers with a subsidy to the coaching fees of 10EUR for each 30 minutes.

Senator Sandra Scheeres, SSF president Thomas Härtel and Kaweh Niroomand, speaker for the Initiative for Berlin Pro Clubs, chose last Friday the sport-specialist Spartacus-Grundschule Friedrichshain to host sessions, for their positive response to the ‘Moving Break’. Local sports club SG Empor Brandenburger Tor played handball with the pupils. Pfeffersport, with its Pirates Club, was very well received by the kids. And the youth coach for Basketball Bundesliga side ALBA BERLIN, who’ve been partnered with the Spartacus-Grundschule since 2010, provided a lot of fun and exercise.

Senator Sandra Scheeres: “children and young people benefit from exercise and sport. As a rule, those who get their bodies moving also tend to learn better. I’m pleased that we’ve been able to find an alternative to PE lessons, which unfortunately aren’t able to take place just now.”

SSF president Thomas Härtel: “our treasured school clubs under the ‘Schule und Sportverein/-verband’ also can’t take place due to coronavirus. Nonetheless, our sports clubs want to help provide sessions for schools. Qualified coaches are providing fun and exercise during the break. Whether that’s rope skipping, kicking goals, parkour or badminton – everything is possible that is fun and can be done outside with social distancing. So sports clubs will make good on their social responsibility throughout the coming weeks.”

Kaweh Niroomand, speaker for the initiative for Berlin Pro Clubs: “Berlin’s professional clubs have been doing their part for more sport in schools and nurseries for years. But the corona pandemic has seen school sport come to a standstill. With the ‘Moving Break’, we’re dealing with the crisis in a positive and creative manner and are bringing sport and exercise back to the kids’ unusual day-to-day routine.”

Steffen Sambil, chairman of Berlin Sporting Youth, gave an insight into further campaigns: “During the summer holidays, the ‘My Moving Summer’ initiative will be on offer. Furthermore, intensive swimming classes are planned for school pupils, who can’t swim after year 3.” These courses saw great success in the autumn half term of 2018 and 2019.