New Years’ resolution: Overcome your bad habits

Hand on heart: Who didn’t put “more sport” and “a healthier diet” on their list of New Years’ resolutions? It’s now time to get our bodies and minds back on track after the festive period.

Our team have set a good example and have been putting in the hard work out on their training camp in Orlando, Florida since 2nd January. After a short winter break, Klinsmann’s squad are straight back to work in training due to the huge game lined up to kick-off the second half of the Bundesliga season against FC Bayern Munich.

Mach dich Hertha has gathered some tips and tricks for the team to learn from to prepare themselves for 2020.

1. A positive attitude

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A positive attitude can lead to lower levels of stress, and make your life both healthier and more productive. It also makes it easier to cope with setbacks. So, why not think a little bit more positively in 2020?

Techniques such as mindfulness training and meditation help you to relax your mind and summon new energy. Sport can also have a positive impact on your overall attitude. Per Skjelbred says: With a smile on your face, even the most strenuous training camp is fun. 

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2. Do it subconsciously


Take a rest. In the time of Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp people tend to constantly over pace themselves.  So sometimes it can help to take a step back and shut yourself off from the digital world completely.

Control your screen time. How many hours a day do you spend on your digital devices? How about trying to cut down on just 10 minutes a day and perhaps go for a nice walk or a quick workout instead?

But it can also be good to cut down on others things as well. A week without consuming any alcohol or nicotine can have a positive effect, both on your health and your bank account. Alcohol is more addictive than lots of people think.

It is also recommended to cut some things out of your diet. A good start would be to reduce the amount of meat and sugar you eat. But other diets can also have their advantages and disadvantages.

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3. More exercise


You won’t see any improvements without putting in the work. But getting enough exercise is not just about getting your dream body; sport can also make us feel better. Above all, you should stick to a balanced fitness program that is adapted to your individual requirements. The Hertha professionals do this as well. Football is of course the most important aspect of the training camp, but there are also stretching exercises, running sessions and phases of recovery, which all assist in improve performance.

Swimming is, for example, particularly gentle on your joints and great for your fitness. It also allows you to go at your own pace.

We wish you all a great start to the New Year!

Mach’ dich Hertha!