Successful Autumn Camps!

The coronavirus pandemic has transformed all of our lives, presenting new challenges every day. It’s even more important in such times to get enjoyment from your hobbies and favourite activities, whilst paying attention to hygiene protocols and keeping your distance, of course. That’s what football-loving kids between the age of 6 and 14 have been doing in the last few weeks; they’ve enjoyed taking part in an autumn camp at the Hertha BSC football and goalkeeping school. The youngsters spent several days training under the guidance of the academy coaches at the club’s training ground, gaining an insight into the daily life of a youth footballer. The training sessions were hard work, but obviously centred on enjoyment, which was particularly evident in a big tournament at the end of the camp. Club mascot Herthinho also dropped by for a visit, resulting in lots of beaming faces!

Despite the rapid increase in coronavirus cases, the Hertha BSC football academy continue to make plans for the camps in the coming year – whilst paying attention to all applicable rules and regulations. The football and goalkeeping school’s exact offer and dates will be confirmed in the coming weeks on the homepage. Have a look and sign up!