Elias pumps iron five times a week in the gym. Why? Because it’s important to take a break from the console. And over time he’s developed quite the routine. Here are his five favourite workouts. 

Bicep curls

Who wouldn’t want upper arms like Elias? A perfect exercise, even for beginners, are the so-called bicep curls. 

What muscles are trained?

  • The long (musculus biceps brachii caput longum) and short heads of the biceps (musculus biceps brachii caput breve) 
  • The brachialis (musculus brachialis)

How Herthaner do it properly: 

The most important thing is the starting position: 

1. Stand upright 
2. Feet hip-width apart 
3. Shoulders back and lowered
4. Hold the dumbbells with an under grip 

While exhaling, bring your forearm arm up to your shoulder and slowly lower it back down to your side. Your elbows should not move during the whole exercise. Concentrate on only moving your forearm to make sure you work the muscles you want to train to the max. 

Elias' Top Tip: Do not use too much weight and instead focus on maintaining the correct form for the exercise.


Our eSport Hulk loves them, many others fear them: pull-ups. This bodyweight exercise is a great all-round workout because it doesn’t just work one muscle group. 

What muscles are trained?

The lats (musculus latissimus dorsi)
The traps (musculus trapezius pars ascendens)
The large and small rhomboid muscle (musculus rhomboideus minor et major)
The teres major (musculus teres major)

The biceps are also significantly worked by this exercise.

How Herthaner do it properly: 

1. Grip the pull-up bar with your preferred grip (options are hammer grip (see Elias), under grip or over grip)
2. Hang from the bar. Make sure that your elbows are slightly bent to protect your joints. 
3. Stretch out your legs or bend them. 
4. Pull yourself up to your finish line and exhale. 
5. Slowly lower yourself down and inhale. Do not lock your elbows. 

Elias' Top Tip: Do not fully extend your arms because that puts too much strain on your elbows. Swinging your legs or using your whole body to pull yourself up is not allowed and ruins the training effect. 

[Translate to English:] Elias bereitet sich auf sein Training vor.

Bench press 

What muscles are trained?

The large pectoral muscle (musculus pectoralis major)
The triceps (musculus triceps brachii)

How Herthaner do it properly: 

The bench press is an exercise that looks easy but requires perfect form to achieve the desired effects. Therefore, you should find an instructor at the gym to guide you through your first attempt. 

1. Lie down on the bench with the barbell roughly in line with your eyes. 
2. Your feet must be planted on the floor to provide stability.
3. Your lower back should be tensed and slightly curved 
4. Pull your shoulder blades back and shoulders down to give this area more support. 

Hold the bar with a grip slightly wider than shoulder width apart. Lift the weight out of the holder. Hold it over your chest and lower it down slowly. Make sure that your elbows stay close to your body.

Meanwhile, keep your shoulder blades back and your lower back tense. It is recommended that you do not bend your arms further than the point where there is a 90-degree angle between your upper arms and forearms. Do not rest the weight on your chest, instead push the bar back up slowly. Do not lock your elbows. 

Elias' Top Tip: Avoid the so-called monkey grip, which requires not clamping the bar with your thumbs. This could allow the bar to slide down quickly. Check beforehand that you can lift the weight and do the exercise slowly. It’s cheating to let the barbell rest on your chest. 

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    Leg press

    What muscles are trained?

    The quadriceps (musculus quadriceps femoris)
    The hamstring (musculus biceps femoris)
    The gluteus maximus 

    How Herthaner do it properly: 

    A simple but effective exercise: place your feet on the board, hip-width apart. Press down with your legs. Be careful not to lock your knees. When your knees are bent, they should line up with your toes. 

    Elias' Top Tip: Protect your joints and do not lock your knees. 


    What muscles are trained?

    The large pectoral muscle (musculus pectoralis major)

    How Herthaner do it properly: 

    This exercise speaks for itself: grab both handles with a neutral grip and bring your slightly bent arms forward in front of your chest. Stand in an upright stable position. 

    Pay attention: 

    • Do use your upper body to build momentum. It achieves nothing. 
    • Don’t lock your elbows – protect your joints and keep your arms slightly bent. 
    • Use your pecs, but not your biceps or triceps. 
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