Elias trains five days a week, with rest days on the weekend. Each time he trains, he focuses on a different set of muscles. This method of training is called a five-day split. 

A typical week of training for Elias could look like this:

Monday: Chest and abs
Tuesday: Legs
Wednesday: Shoulders and traps
Thursday: Back and scapula
Friday: Biceps and triceps
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Rest 

How can split training make you stronger? 

The answer is simple: since you’re focusing on a specific set of muscles each day, you’re able to train more intensely. However, at the same time, your training session should not exceed 60 minutes. 

Here’s what you should be aware of:

Don’t focus solely on weight training

A healthy body is made of more than just muscles. Instead, you should plan for one cardio session a week, while also making sure to stretch. We recommend following the Hertha running program and doing yoga. 

Don’t overwork your body

If this is your first time doing any kind of weight training, you should start slowly. Otherwise, the training load of a five-day split could prove to be too much, too soon. 

Pay attention to proper form

Less is sometimes more when it comes to weight training, especially if it’s done correctly. The workout video includes several tips from Elias, however, they are not meant to replace the advice of a certified fitness coach. Ask for help when it comes to creating your optimal training plan. 

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