Time for learning

Though the football has stopped for the moment, Hertha’s academy players are far from doing the same. Quite the opposite in fact, as youth players from U14s to U23s took part in workshops based around various important topics at the end of last year. This was to ensure that the youngsters will be prepared for every new challenge on their journeys ahead by introducing and educating them on key issues in detail from an early age. The Hertha BSC academy leadership take this very seriously and put on regular training sessions and workshops in order to promote young players’ growth and development.

An example is the virtual workshop led by Constantin Frost in which teams dealt with themes of anti-doping, addiction, and match fixing alongside anti-racism and anti-discrimination. Young players should be introduced to such topics on a regular basis from a young age, as they come up often in the world of professional football. “In addition to sporting and school-based education, there should be a variety of other subjects that up-and-coming footballers come into contact with from a young age on their way to the professional game. For this reason, these workshops are an essential part of the development training we give our youngsters here and an elementary component of the training philosophy of the Hertha BSC football academy,” explains academy director Benjamin Weber.