Virtual gym class with Herthinho

Berlin - Kids want to move, they want to be active and - most of all - kids want to have fun, together with their friends. All these things are difficult to organise in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic. Kindergartens and schools are only partially open, with lessons taking place online. In a situation like this, creative and innovative ideas are needed in order to allow kids a way to be active at home. This is something that Hertha BSC are eager to help out with. 

In cooperation with ‘Profivereine machen Kita’ and ‘Profivereine machen Schule’ (Professional clubs teach Kindergarten/Professional clubs teach School), instructors from Berlin’s six professional clubs visit designated facilities and provide children with a multi-faceted program that combines education and exercise with plenty of fun. For the younger children, the latter is the main focus in order to get kids excited about sports from a young age. Hertha’s U9 coaches Anthony Guy and Erik Maschewski, who are both involved in the ‘Profivereine machen Kita/Schule’ programs, recently helped lead a virtual gym class together with the AWO Kita Landstadt Gatow. Both coaches were actively supported by Herthinho, which meant that fun was guaranteed! 

To find out what kind of exercises our favourite bear is teaching the kids, and how the project has been received by kindergarten leaders Martina Walter and Karina Dehler, take a look at the HerthaTV video below!